Why Choose Run Wild Alaska

Why Run Wild Alaska

With so many Alaska fishing guides and Alaska outfitters in business these days,

why should you choose Run Wild Alaska?

Quite simply, we know we run some of the best Alaska fishing trips in the business. Here’s why…

1. Experience
2015 is our 37th year!!! That makes Run Wild Alaska one of the most experienced Alaska outfitters in the industry. We have learned what works, what doesn’t, and how to customize your trip to you.

2. The Best Guides
We feel that that our ‘cast of characters’ is the key ingredient for great trips. We are extremely careful in our hiring. Beyond the critical skills, we hire people who are interesting to be around, and whom you would welcome into your home. All of our Alaska fishing guides have a long history on the river and all have worked for us for years.

Safety is our number one priority, both on and off the river. We have an exemplary safety record. We require all our guides to be certified and current with their First Aid training and many of our guides have extensive wilderness medicine training,

3. Excellent Equipment
We invest heavily in our equipment, making sure it is in top condition. We run Avon and Sotar rafts – widely recognized as the best boats for Alaska conditions.

We are sponsored by G Loomis and Simms Fishing and everyone from Orvis to Ross to Lamson to Sage gives us a great deal on fishing gear. So when you fish with us you’ll have a chance to try out a variety of the best gear made.

4. The Best Rivers in Alaska
We believe that quality, not quantity, is the best recipe for enjoyment so we concentrate on the best rivers in the State. Rare permits let us float and fish several places where few others are allowed to guide.

5. Comfort
We are committed to making you comfortable. We furnish top quality camping gear and we have a large supply of outdoor gear to loan out for folks who come without the proper gear to be comfortable on the river. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to make your river adventure more pleasurable.

6. Great Food
While we don’t make as big a deal about our food as some Alaska outfitters, we know our food is superb. All our food is fresh, healthy, and delicious. During a hard day of play, there is nothing better than a good freshly prepared meal. And that’s exactly what you’ll find here.

7. Friendliness
Our office staff, our guides, our philosophy – everything about Run Wild Alaska is friendly and easy. We value our relationship with you and from the moment we begin helping you plan your river vacation, to the last good-bye at the end of your trip, we want to see you smiling. When you call us you will get friendly, honest, detailed, expert advice. Run Wild Alaska is based on a foundation of good people, which makes all the difference on a river adventure.

8. The Run Wild Alaska “Eagle Eye”
From beginning to end, we have an eye for detail. We listen to what you tell us, we explain everything in great detail, and we communicate your needs and wants to our crew. Whether you’re talking about pre-trip logistics, dealing with your specific trip needs, or making the return trip home, we are there to help.

We exaggerate only slightly when we say that Run Wild Alaska never sleeps during the season. Someone is always thinking about your trip.

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