The Guides

A question I often hear is “who will be my guide?” All Run Wild Alaska guides are great teachers & skilled fishermen with top-notch gear, all the right tackle & many years guiding on Alaskan waters.

With our combined experience and the love & respect for the rivers we enjoy on our trips, we have the background and skills to teach you the things you’ll need to make your Alaska fishing trip a success.

Your guide will have a little gray in his (or her) hair and will be a charming character. A real Alaskan!
~~George Heim

george-heim-run-wild-alaskaGeorge Heim – Afishionado

The old man & company owner.

Over thirty years of running rivers all over Alaska.

In winter George runs the office and will likely be the one who answers all your questions.

Quote: “When you don’t have skill, you gotta have luck.”


Bob “Bobski” Gray – Head Wilderness Fishing Guide

Over 25 years guiding wild rivers all across Alaska… this makes Bobski one of the top guides in Alaska for both trout and salmon.

He is a great fishing guide and a charming companion – his camp kitchen skills are legendary..

Besides his skills as a fishing guide Bobski is an excellent whitewater guide as well which lets him lead trips on waters that few others want to tackle.

Quote: “Hard tellin, not knowin…”


gary-mcfaddon-run-wild-alasGary McFadden – Head Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide


Over 30 years experience & a G. Loomis Sponsored Guide

Gary is our head guide on the Kenai. He has 30+ years on the river and knows every nook and cranny.

He is one of the best salmon and rainbow trout guides on this legendary river and often finds fish when no one else can.

A long list of guests return to fish with Gary every year.

Quote: “I’m a well-dressed mountain man, and keep your hands off my hat.”


tyler-gottfredson-run-wild-Tyler Gottfredson – Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide

Ty has a passion for big rainbows but also loves to fish for salmon… so it is no surprise that he made his way to the Kenai.

Ty took the time to learn the river by working as a scenic rafting guide and fishing it on his own time for a few years.

Now he returns for his 7th season as a fishing guide with a solid set of skills. He has studied the river’s ecology, history and geology so you can learn a lot from him beyond just fishing skills.

Ty’s great sense of humor and attention to detail make him a great guide and you’ll enjoy a day on the river with him.

Quote: “This is my office – it’s the best!”


Jeremy with sockeye Jeremy Lewis– Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide

Jeremy has been guiding on the Kenai for 7 years and he (like all of us) loves to trout fish and fishes nearly every day… hitting the outlet of Kenai Lake, hiking into holes and doing drifts on the Kenai… he does it all catching some nice fish while checking out the river structure and making notes for the coming summer.

Plan to have a good day if you go with Jeremy. His great sense of humor and easy going nature make him a lot of fun to be with and his well developed fishing skills make the chances of a good day of catching pretty decent too.

Quote: “There’s no shortage of good days as long as you’re fishing.”

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