Alaska Adventure Tours

Not everyone comes to Alaska for the fishing…

Floating down a Wild & Scenic River in Alaska is a grand adventure. We are renowned for our Alaska adventure tours!

  • We have rare permits in many of the Parks and Refuges so can take you places that few others ever see.
  • We can float rivers that drain into Bristol Bay where millions of salmon swarm upriver each summer – this brings thousands of bears and a variety of birds to the river.
  • We can start a trip at the very edge of Denali National Park and have Mt. McKinley along with the entire Alaska Range framed upstream as we run some fun whitewater.
  • We can explore rivers in the far North where caribou roam the hillsides and where there’s the possibility of having wolves watch us unload the plane.

preparing for an Alaska adventure tour Our fly in Alaska adventure tours are world class!

We fly by float plane into our chosen river and unload the boats, coolers full of fresh food, the tents and other gear. Once we have it all, the plane taxis out onto the headwaters lake and leaves with a roar of engine noise. It’s then that you first experience the quiet serenity of the wilderness

bear shake  bears  3

Wildlife viewing can be exceptional – especially bear viewing when the fish are running,

Lake Creek rapid high water rock garden Lake Creek
Wild whitewater fun is part of many of our river trips in Alaska.


There is no better way to travel through Alaska’s National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges than to float a wild river.

Each day brings a new adventure, each bend in the river brings a new sight to see. A raft, quietly drifting downriver, can approach wildlife without disturbing it making for excellent wildlife photography – or you can just enjoy the sight of that moose swimming across the river in front of our boat.

Each night we pitch a comfortable camp with a big kitchen tent and generous sized sleep tents. Alaska River Adventures’ guides are all highly skilled camp chefs and delight in making your vacation on the river a memory that will last a lifetime. Guides prepare delicious meals from fresh foods including salads, desserts and a variety of main courses.

A fresh salmon from the river can be part of the menu if you wish though we never depend on fish for our meals… but, it’s a special treat to experience the taste of a wild salmon that was taken from the river and placed on the grill only moments later.

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