Alagnak River


7 days, 6 nights

$3995.00 per person from King Salmon.
It is an extraordinary experience to share
this river with the bears of Katmai Park
and the fishing is extraordinary.

The Alagnak was the first river in Alaska to receive “Wild and Scenic River” status. This Western Alaska river begins in the Aleutian Mountains and flows through Katmai National Park. It is a spectacular Alaska guided fishing trip and this float always delivers good wildlife viewing and wonderful photographic opportunities. Katmai is famous for the chance to view bears fishing its rivers and the Alagnak delivers this rare and wonderful opportunity. The river offers few rapids and our guides easily sneak you through the only serious water.

Come float the Alagnak with us for great fishing, beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife.

There is no better river trip to give yourself the chance to see bears fishing along the river.

Up to 8 species of fish can be caught in a single float. King Salmon run up to 50 lbs. Silver fishing can be excellent with fish up to 15 lbs. But the river is host to literally millions of Red Salmon each July and this is on of the best reasons to visit the Alagnak. The huge fish runs are incredible to witness and are the reason for much of the wildlife posing for photos next to the river.

This is also one of the great Trout streams of the Iliamna drainage and a trip in September offers the opportunity to tie into a truly huge Rainbow. (It’s famed world wide as Alaska’s Trophy Trout Region.) Fish over 10 lbs are not uncommon and many of the fish caught are over 20″. Fall finds the tundra blazing with color and many animals down by the river. It is a great time to be in Alaska and the Fall trips are our favorites.

Photos from the Alagnak

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